Terms & Conditions

SENLAC WOOD’S PROPRIETOR will not be held responsible for any damage to guest property by fire, theft, malicious damage or accident, or for any personal injury however incurred whilst on the site.

TO CONFIRM A BOOKING – a booking is only confirmed once a £10 deposit has been received.  The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Full payment is required 14 days prior to arrival. 


MINIMUM STAY:  One night.   However, All Bank Holiday Weekends THREE nights minimum. 

CANCELLATION:  You may cancel your holiday at any time. Cancellation will be effective from the date it is received by us. All monies paid are non refundable. We cannot be held responsible for inclement weather. We are unable to offer refunds for non-arrivals or should a pitch occupier arrive later or vacate earlier than booked.  If we are unable to provide you with your booked holiday & have to cancel your break, you will be given a full refund, except when the cancellation arises due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

PITCHES:  The size of your unit, including tents and gazebos, must be stipulated at the time of booking to ensure that the allocated pitch is large enough. Should you subsequently alter your set up we cannot guarantee to provide an appropriately sized pitch. The number for your allocated pitch will be the central point when pitching up, there must be a 6m gap between units.

Maximum size of Motorhomes and caravans 7.3 metres and no twin axles.

You are requested to arrive after 1pm.  Departures are strictly by 12 noon.

Please advise us if you are likely to arrive later than 5pm; no arrivals after 8.00 pm

Please DO NOT park on other pitches at any time, you park with your unit one car all other cars must be in the main car park.

If the grass is wet and you get stuck please do not churn up the grass to get off.  Please find a member of staff to tow you off, you will be charged for any damage caused.

DOGS AND PETS:  Pets are welcome by prior arrangement only.  Dog breeds included in the dangerous animal list are not permitted on the site.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times around the site, please always clean up after your dog failure to do so you will be asked to leave. Do not allow your dog to foul on the pitches.

Owners must keep all pet noise & disturbances to a minimum.

We reserve the right to insist that the owner remove their pet from the park if it is a nuisance or danger to others. Aggressive dogs will not be tolerated.

VISITORS:  We do have a visitor’s fee of £3 adults, £1 children, 75p dogs, £1 per car, all visitors must leave their details with Reception and pay as soon as they arrive on site, then park in the main car park at the entrance.

GENERAL:  By making a booking you have entered a contract in which you undertake, on behalf of yourself and your party, to adopt the following standards of behaviour:

  1. To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards staff and other campers.
  2. Not create any noise or disturbance
  3. Not carry on any trade or business on the Site
  4. Quiet hours are from 10pm and 8am. Please respect your fellow guests & keep noise to an absolute minimum
  5. Children must be supervised at all times whilst staying on site.
  6. The use of generators is not permitted.
  7. The use of drones is not permitted whatsoever.
  8. The use of hosepipes is not permitted.
  9. The washing of vehicles/motor home/caravans is not permitted.
  10. Please respect our site and clear up after yourselves.
  11. The Storage area is out of bounds especially for children – it is not a safe place to play!


We take the well being and safety of our guests very seriously and ask that you comply with the following:

  • The speed limit on the site is 5mph and it is a ONE-WAY road all round the site.
  • All vehicles must conform to the Road Traffic Act & have current tax, MOT & insurance. The conditions of the Highway Code apply within the park.
  • Guests are not allowed to bring Lorries or any other commercial or sign written vehicles including vans onto the site. This includes commercial towing vehicles without prior consent
  • Only one vehicle can be parked on a pitch. All other vehicles must be parked in the main parking area.        (an extra charge will be levied)
  • Only one tent can occupy any individual licensed pitch at any time.
  • Please make yourself aware of the nearest fire point.
  • The proprietor & company cannot be held responsible for any accident or loss suffered by yourself or a member of your party whilst on the site. This also includes property belonging to yourself or a member of your party.
  • Cooking fats/ food waste/ toilet waste etc must be disposed of in the correct areas and must not be poured onto pitches/ grass / woodland or roads.
  • Strictly NO campfires on the grass.
  • Ash/disposable BBQ’s must not be put in the rubbish bins until they are fully extinguished using water, also please raise the BBQ of the ground so you don’t burn grass
  • BBQ’s etc must not be lit inside any holiday home including awnings or tents. In order to comply with current advice on fire control on caravan parks, no heating devices are to be left on whilst caravans are unattended & in particular no heating devices should be operated in awnings & tents whatsoever.

Make sure your camping light and stove are clean and properly adjusted. Never take a portable barbecue- or lit charcoal into an enclosed space like a tent or caravan.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, highly poisonous gas that can kill in minutes. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be caused by ANY fuel that burns or smoulders.

Watch out for the symptoms – mild Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting, Fatigue, and Drowsiness


We do our best to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay. Should you have a genuine complaint we would advise you to report it to Reception immediately. We will give it our utmost attention and try to resolve the problem for you.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your stay and have a fun and relaxing time.